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IT industry has always been about Certifications. There are advantages to certifications for both employers as well as IT Professionals, one gets the satisfaction of hiring the right guy and other gets benefited financially! In a nutshell, it does hold a value.

Cloud Computing platform skills are hot these days in the Industry which generates huge demand for these certifications. Today, we will talk about Certification offerings from AWS, leader in Public Cloud Computing platform.  AWS offers 5 Certifications (3 Associate Level and 2 Professional).  A lot of IT Professional on my Twitter timeline have either already earned all 5 or has started earning them or at least started working on earning ’em (myself included).

Preparing for Certification gets quite difficult when you are not sure what to refer and you start going through everything available on the inter webs meaning you put in too much effort over what you should be putting. Of course, no knowledge goes wasted but this approach doesn’t always work out when you are planning to get certified every month, let it be AWS, VMware, EMC etc. So without further ado I present Curated list of Study Materials which I intent to follow myself post reviewing the Official Exam blueprint:  AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Exam Guide.

Video Tutorials:

  1. CloudAcademy: I have bought CloudAcademy Professional Plus Plan which allows me not to just learn AWS but multiple CloudComputing platform. Moreover, I have chosen CloudAcademy because Labs (with very well written instructions+support, if needed) and Quizzes, they offer with it.
  2. (Cheaper and popular Option): is the cheaper option over what I am going to refer to. They are offering labs via Amazon Free Tier. Due to very low-cost, its favourite in the community and when I was deciding which one to go for I selected CloudAcademy their Learning Path suited my study style/habits.

Note: No doubt is cheapest but if you are like me who wants everything at one place and a course which is designed keeping students in mind then you can use my 25% OFF referral which will give me and you both 25% off from the following month. [Please, note I am not affiliated with CloudAcademy except consumer of their Training. Just sharing the awesome learning experience.]

Reading Material:

  1. AWS Cloud Computing White papers (Refer Blueprint)
  2. FAQs: Rather than listing out all the Products IMO, I will be going through most of Products FAQs as my long-term goal is to earn all 5. However, if you are limiting yourself for just 1 Certification for now, I think you should read FAQs for all Compute, Storage, Networking and Database products.

Qwiklabs: Because there’s never too much labbing. I strongly suggest to buy their monthly subscription, its worth it.

Exams/Quizzes: Since, I went with Cloud Academy I do not have to worry about it as they have strategically planned Quizzes in between the preparation as well as you can test your self any time, any where through their mobile application. However, this option is also available with in the form of Quizzes, Mega Quiz, Scenario Quiz and Final Exam.

That’s it! If you wish then you can refer to sample exam questions from here but honestly, I feel its meh!

Now, for those of you who are wondering that’s it! I want to read more I would love to share the study guide from my Twitter friend Alex here. He has already cleared the exam and has shared all the resources in detail.

All the Best!

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